Please look through the questions below to see if your questions has already been answered. If these FAQs don’t answer your query, please get in touch at contact@keenkite.co.uk.

Finding your way around keenkite.co.uk

You can move around the main sections of the site by clicking on the tab menus at the top of the page, or by clicking on one of the links in the left hand navigation. Once you have found the area you want, continue to filter your search using the left hand navigation or the panels in the middle of the page until you find the correct product. 

You can return to the homepage at any time by clicking on the Keen Kite logo in the top left-hand corner.

How do I search keenkite.co.uk? 

The quickest and easiest way to find it is to use the search box near the top of the screen. The search tool lets you search by ISBN, title, authors, subject or keywords. 

Finding Free Resources

Free Resources are hosted on a dedicated page, under the Resources tab in the main navigation. 

When you have found a resource you want, click on the ‘Download’ button to open or save it to your computer. 

Please make sure that pop-ups are enabled in your internet browser, otherwise the downloads won't open.

Common File Types:

·         PDF: Portable Document Format. To open these files, all you need is the free PDF reader from Adobe Acrobat. Visit their website and follow their instructions on how to install. If the file fails to open, the most common solution is to upgrade your copy of Acrobat Reader. 

·         Word file This document can be opened in Microsoft Word, which is a common word processing programme supplied with many computers. If you have problems opening a Word file, it is likely that your version of Word is older than the version used to create the file. To view the file, you may need to update your version of Word. 


I've tried to search for a book but I can't find it on keenkite.co.uk.

All Keen Kite products that are currently in print are shown on this website. The quickest way to find things is to use the search box. If you can’t find a specific product it may be out of print, please contact our Customer Service team to check its status on 0844 844 1352.

I have a question about an order I have made on keenkite.co.uk.

Our Customer Services department is here to help you. If you require help with an order online, please contact our Customer Services department at orders@keenkite.co.uk.

Registering and ordering

Should I register as a school or as an individual? What’s the difference?

If you work at a UK school or establishment you can choose to register as your school – this will mean that if your school has an account with us you can order items on purchase order to be paid for by invoice. You still get the option of ordering on credit card but it just gives you the flexibility to pay one of two ways. You can also order evaluation copies.

If you are not attached to a UK school/establishment you should register as an individual. You will get the option just to pay by credit card as we cannot invoice to private addresses or addresses without an account.

I don’t get the option to order by invoice – only credit card. What am I doing wrong?

Only if you are registered as your school do you get the option to order by invoice. Register again against your school – if they have an account with us you will be able to order items to be paid for by invoice and will also be able to order evaluation copies.

Help – I can’t find my school. What should I do?

Have you tried searching just by the full postcode? This gives the most accurate results. You don’t have to search by the school postcode and name; sometimes what you type in as your school name might differ slightly from what we have in our database so this might be why we can't find you. Your postcode is more likely to match exactly what we have. If you don’t know the whole postcode try the first three digits – you should then get a list of schools to choose from.

Why don’t you have my school in the database?

The database we use contains over 50,000 schools and is researched and updated regularly. However, we know that there are new schools being opened all the time as well as school mergers so it’s possible we haven’t found out about you yet. If for any reason we don’t have you in the database use our call back form so a member of our customer services team can contact you and get you set up.


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