Promote mastery for all by adding problem solving and reasoning into every maths lesson.

  • Clear teaching guidance and worked examples for each of the 11 strategies
  • Hours of ready-to-go problem solving questions for each content domain
  • Problem solving target sheet to track how you are promoting mastery for all pupils

Editable word files of the pupil activities are available on the accompanying CD-ROM
and included as part of the online download.

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What's available?

Years 1 and 2 coming in April!

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Year 5
Year 6
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Sample pages for Year 3

Sample pages for Year 4

Sample pages for Year 5

Sample pages for Year 6

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Meet the series editor

Sarah-Anne Fernandes heads up her own consultancy company, SolveMaths Ltd, where she is highly effective at delivering mathematics consultancy support and training for schools to improve standards.

In addition to in-house school support, Sarah-Anne is an established mathematics author and series editor who has worked on a range of titles for leading education publishers.

Sarah-Anne has great belief that mathematics can be enjoyed and successfully learned by all!

Visit to contact Sarah-Anne on how she can support your school.

Deepening understanding in maths isn’t just for ‘more able’ pupils. By making problem solving and reasoning an integral part of daily teaching using 11 key strategies, mastery can become accessible to all

Read Sarah's article on developing mastery for all

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Professional development

The author of the Year 6 book – Martin Marsh - would be pleased to discuss professional development for your school or network of schools.

Using the books, he can help you with developing a classroom where mathematical reasoning is truly an everyday experience for pupils.

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